• A Brief History of Chinese Aesthetic Culture
Chen Yan | Liao Qun | Yi Pingce | Wang Xiaoshu
A Brief History of Chinese Aesthetic Culture
Translated by Zhai Jiangyue & Wang Xiaonong
382 Pages, 164 Pictures
ISBN 978-3-89733-368-0

China has a long history and splendid culture, as well as unique aesthetics. We are deeply convinced that China’s excellent culture heritage is not only national but also global. Therefore, we’d like to share the traditional Chinese aesthetics here with readers of the global village. Two outstanding Chinese scholars, co-authors of this book- Prof. Chen Yan and Prof. Wang Xiaoshu both died at quite a young age, one in his late fifties, one in his early sixties, and at his deathbed, Professor Chen Yan quoted a Buddhist saying: “cause and effect are no empty talks”. This reminds us of the uncertainty and impermanence in life, we’d like to commemorate these prominent scholars with this publication.


A Brief History of Chinese Aesthetic Culture

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