• Global Climate  local journalisms

Elisabeth Eide, Risto Kunelius, Ville Kumpu (eds):
Global Climate  local journalisms
Global Journalism Research Series, Vol. 3
Edited by Roland Schröder and Oliver Hahn
©2010; 354 pages (Language: Engl.)
ISSN 1865-1615
ISBN 978-3-89733-226-3

Mitigation and adaption policies called for by climate change challenge transnational politics and media in hitherto unforeseen ways. The UN climate summits represent a unique form of global media events where enormous amounts of knowledge production, economic lobbying, civic activism and political bargaining for a moment come together. In this anthology, researchers from the MediaClimate network look at how journalism in different corners of the world interprets, domesticates and analyses such events, particularly the Copenhagen summit in December 2009. The book provides an empirically based, diverse and critical view of the limits and possibilities of journalism in the era of increasingly global problems. MediaClimate network consists of media scholars from 19 countries and all continents: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, El Salvador, Germany, Israel, Indonesia, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and USA.

"... this publication represents groundbreaking research into the dynamics of media reporting of one of the most important challenges of our time – climate change." Wijayananda Jayaweera and Fackson Banda, UNESCO Paris

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Global Climate local journalisms

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