• The women and the schools of Reggio Emilia - Part 2

Sabine Lingenauber 
The women and the schools of Reggio Emilia
part 2
dvd video (runtime: 42 minutes, with 
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ISBN 978-3-89733-442-7

You know the Reggio pedagogy as a pedagogical approach. But do you also know the history and the women’s contribution? Discover the fascinating genesis of the “scuole dell’infanzia”. Get ready for the female witnesses and for brand new insights: from the very beginning of the self-managed “asili dell’infanzia”, women’s commitment in Reggio Emilia represents the starting point for the genesis of a new pedagogy. The film opens up a brand new access to the history of the Reggio Emilia Approach and it is suitable for education as well as further and advanced training in German-, English- and Italianspeaking areas. 

"There was a very important moment, when the municipal ‘scuole dell’infanzia’ (schools for 3- to 6-year olds) were conceived with popular involvement, that was the point! Otherwise we wouldn’t have made them, Masini wouldn’t have made them,  alaguzzi wouldn’t have made them, and not even I as councillor (…): Because there was that impetus of the people, something marvellous, little deeds that really gave you the sense of this loving desire to achieve things. That is how they were born, in fact in Parma and Modena they are not like this, because this drive and participation were not present.” (Lidia Greci, Interview, Reggio Emilia, 23.6.2016, 524–530)

The women and the schools of Reggio Emilia - Part 2

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