About Us

Our publishing house was founded in 1991. In addition to many series of publications - such as the internationally positioned "Hamburg Buddhist Studies" series or the "edition cathay" series, which has been known since the 1990s - the publishing program also includes monographs on important topics in the humanities. Our academic focus lies, among other things, in elementary education and Chinese studies.

The works in our sinological series also include a volume of short stories by the 2012 Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Mo Yan, and a play by the 2000 Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Gao Xingjian.

Over time, the publishing program has been expanded to include the areas of “non-fiction” and “fiction”. In the fiction section - in addition to numerous translations from Chinese - selected novels by some award-winning German-speaking writers are collected.

All publications, regardless of the program focus, are characterized by a high cultural and sometimes international standard, which is reflected not only in some multilingual publications and translations, but also in the granting of licenses to Russia, the USA, Vietnam or Egypt shows. The slogan "Publisher for Science and Culture" added to the publisher's name represents our programmatic orientation.