Marc Mendoza – Borja Antela-Bernárdez (eds.)
Fantasy in Antiquity
Historiography and Reception
364 pages
ISBN 978-3-89733-545-5

Fantasy has a long and close relationship with Classics. Ancient mythology and history have been a recurrent inspiration for fantasy authors and Classical motifs echo elsewhere in their stories. Most fantasy stories can trace back their roots to previous literary patterns, history or ancient mythology, among others. Ancient history and ancient stories are still a fundamental part of Western culture and social imaginary, therefore, it is not surprising to find its influence elsewhere, proving that it is still a main force in our civilization. The contributions in this volume are divided into two main parts. The first one deals with the perception of the extraordinary in Antiquity and the role of ‘fantastical’ elements in the works of different Classical authors. The second section is focused on how Classical culture and history have been used and integrated into the fantasy genre, both in books and films. This book, therefore, addresses in many different ways the broadness of human creativity and imagination. The unceasing need and production of stories are a telling manifestation of these fundamental aspects of human existence. Stories are an honest expression of our constant struggle to understand a world that raises many questions but offers just a few easy answers.


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