• Benefiting the Whole World: The Wisdom of Kongzi
Zhai Jiangyue
Benefiting the Whole World: The Wisdom of Kongzi
Belt, Road & Chinese Culture Part 1
With Illustrations by Zhang Honghong and Mi Shanguo
211 pages
ISBN 978-3-89733-481-6

This book seeks to reconstruct Kongzi’s thoughts in a systematic way based on a comprehensive grasp of The Analects of Kongzi, and explores Kongzi’s philosophy and wisdom regarding life, education, politics, economics, morality, and ethics, as well as the social function of music, which he also keenly advocated. With the help of some illustrations and classical stories, we try to illustrate the essence of traditional Chinese culture. 

Dr. Zhai Jiangyue is a senior professor of Ludong University in China, she got her doctor’s degree on Classical Chinese Literature at Shandong University. She was promoted professor in 2007 and granted the highest ranking in social science by Ludong University in January 2020. She is good at ancient Chinese language and is well-versed in ancient Chinese documents. Several of Zhai’s ancient documents translations are collected in “Library of Chinese Classics”. Zhai’s in-depth comprehension of Chinese philosophy, religion and culture, is reflected in her new publication, which will consists of four volumes: “Benefiting the Whole World: The Wisdom of Kongzi”, “Free and Unfettered Wandering with Dao: The Wisdom of Laozi and Zhuangzi”, “The Way to Happiness and Liberation: The Wisdom of Chan Buddhism”, and “The Art of War: The Wisdom of Sunzi”.

Benefiting the Whole World: The Wisdom of Kongzi

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