Scheme Dynamics

Scheme Dynamics
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Hans Lenk
Scheme Dynamics
Towards an Action- and Operation-oriented Philosophy of Science and Technology
2017; 291 Seiten (englisch) 
ISBN 978-3-89733-427-4

In the last decades there have been quite a few new accents in the philosophy of technology and philosophy of science amounting, e. g., to the so-called schools of the “New Experimentalism”, “New Instrumentalism” and, recently, “New Mechanism”. All these emphasize the impact of instruments, experiments and “mechanisms” of the respective technologies and potentialities opened up by the progress and development of ever-improving measuring instruments, procedures etc. In addition to these practice-oriented views this book also accentuates the processand action-orientation including practical responsibility problems as well as dynamic systems models from an epistemological perspective of the methodological scheme-interpretationist approach developed by the author.