Mass Media in Belaru

Mass Media in Belaru
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Oleg Manaev: 
Mass Media in Belarus
Arbeitshefte Internationaler Journalismus, Bd. 2003/3
2004; 63 S.; (DIN A4)
ISSN 1619-8360; ISBN 978-3-89733-102-0
(Text in Englisch)

This paper's aim is to describe and analyse the mass
media system in the Republic of Belarus, its peculiarities (e.g. the deep divide between state-run and non-state media) and prospects (e.g. consequences of EU enlargement). This description and analysis is conducted within political, social-economic, legal, ethic, educational and sociological aspects. Most of the chapters include various statistic and original sociological data from different sources. After a brief introduction of Belarus as a country, state and people, the author analyses the political background of the media system, culture and communications developments, access to information, major elements of the media system (i.e. TV, radio, press, online media and Internet), legal regulations of media (with focus on ethics and self-regulations in private media), the media role in elections, and makes a special emphasis on media impact. He argues that Belarusian media significantly contributes to the political and social-economic developments, but their own stand is determined by the political and social-economic system of the country as well. That's why their prospects depend on political and socialeconomic changes, further national and geo-political identification of Belarus.